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UCMDB120 - Universal CMDB 10.x Essentials

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Public Training and Onsite and Virtual Classroom
Current (Released Apr/13)

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Course Description:
This course is designed to provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts and applications of the HP Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB). Participants learn visualization and mapping techniques to build business service views, implement change tracking, perform impact analysis and enrichment of topology data and reporting. This course also covers UCMDB Browser and UCMDB Configuration Manager (CM), which provide different end-user perspectives to analyze and consume UCMDB data. The discussions and scenario-based exercises reinforce skills to optimize business outcomes through the efficient use of the HP UCMDB, UCMDB CM, and UCMDB Browser.

The hands-on lab environment uses UCMDB version 10.0x.

Software Version:10.x

UCMDB120 - Universal CMDB 10.x Essentials
USD 3750.00
[15 Training Units]
5 day(s)
UCMDB120 - Universal CMDB 10.x Essentials - Virtual Onsite
Contact us for pricing 5 day(s)
Onsite Training
UCMDB120 - Universal CMDB 10.x Essentials
USD 36250.00
[145 Training Units]
5 day(s)

(Shipping&Handling charges may apply)

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