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NA120 - Network Automation 9.x Essentials

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Public Training and Onsite and Virtual Classroom
Current (Released Oct/12)

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The Network Automation 9.x Essentials training class is designed for network engineers and administrators. This course teaches the skills needed to successfully implement the product to manage small, medium, or large networked enterprises. Participants get the opportunity to master the skills required to develop advanced scripts to implement complex configuration changes. The course covers how to create and enforce policies which enforce security best practices. The course also covers how to integrate external applications using the NA API and how to develop customer device drivers.

The hands-on lab exercises in this course use Network Automation software version 9.2.

Software Versions: 9.0-9.2

NA120 - Network Automation 9.x Essentials
USD 3000.00
[12 Training Units]
4 day(s)
NA120 - Network Automation 9.x Essentials - Virtual Onsite
Contact us for pricing 4 day(s)
Onsite Training
NA120 - Network Automation 9.x Essentials
USD 29000.00
[116 Training Units]
4 day(s)

(Shipping&Handling charges may apply)

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